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Patricia drive, Fobbing. Stanford Le Hope

Animal, the Californian Camper, was imported into the UK by myself back in 2006.

I personally drove this bus around for 12 months enjoying many trips in it and having some cool times, as the bus is quote possibly the coolest bus i have ever owned, hence the name Animal.

I knew as soon as I viewed him under the Californian sun that I had to have this bus – original-paint buses looking this cool don’t come up for sale very often – so he was packed up and shipped over. 

When this bus come back up for sale last year i knew i just had to have him back and give him a complete make over, he was given a complete Vanwurks interior overhaul and had his white upper bodywork restored to original L90D white in 2k ICI paint.


The interior spec, which includes everything you’ll need to go camping, is as follows: 
cooker, sink, compressor fridge (being fitted), table, rock and roll bed, restored pop-top roof with new canvas (the roof includes a bed so it sleeps 2 adults and 2 children), the pop top was lined to a high standard in trim velour, we also replaced the head liner with original style front front to back and it really makes the inside not only look nice but feel nice.


It had new flooring and upholstery using all marine ply for the flooring and the best foam, and materials all stitched together to give it that more higher standard look and feel.


A 2KW petrol heater was fitted so the bus can even be used in the cold winter months, the original swivel seat base was restored and works perfect, rear child 3 point seat belts x2 were fitted, new front seat belts, restored seat frames.

On the dash which we removed stripped and restored then colour-coded it to make it look even cooler, MCJ wooden steering wheel.

Modern stereo with a ipod connection, 12v socket up front to plug in your sat nav.

A 2nd battery charging system was added with a 2nd fuse box,240-volt hook-up and plug sockets, a  bonus charger which means once plugged into the mains you can run everything on 12v and the battery will never go flat.

It also comes with new white wall tyres, painted wheels, new hubcaps, a recon 1641cc engine with twin carbs and a stainless steel exhaust system all fitted and tuned in house so it runs perfect.

While the engine was removed we restored the fuel tank replacing all seals and sender unit, we also removed the gearbox and replaced all gearstick bushes and cables etc giving perfect gear change and piece of mind the fuel tank isn’t leaking.

And to send it on it’s way it will have a 12 month MOT, 6 months of tax and a 3 month parts and labour warranty. 


All this bus needs are some new owners to enjoy it, if you book a test be prepared your be driving it home your fall in love with it as i did 11 years ago.